Winnie Thomas, Pioneer of the Arnoldine Clinic in 1962.

Established in 1962 by Winnifred Thomas, Nurse Midwife, alongside the Arnoldine Mission community, the Arnoldine Clinic had its origins in a clubhouse initially provided by women, later reinforced with a permanent building by the supportive men in the community. Over the years, the clinic has been instrumental in delivering numerous children and offering medical assistance to families in the village and nearby regions. Winnie’s commitment to women’s health, coupled with the community’s dedication, has transformed the clinic into a robust and self-sustaining healthcare facility that thrives to this day.

Winnie Thomas died on April 16th, 2023, and her legacy continues in supporting the people of Arnoldine and the neighboring community. In honor of her work, Living Beyond Hope is taking donations specifically to support the growth of the clinic. We need the clinic to grow together with the secondary school.

Living Beyond Hope