Living Beyond Hope’s top 10 accomplishments in the last 9-years at Arnoldine Mission. Thanks to our donors!

The initiatives undertaken at Arnoldine Mission and the secondary school since 2014 are a result of Farai Rukunda, an Arnoldine native, and Norman Thomas, a former missionary at Arnoldine Mission, visiting the village in August of 2014. Originally intending to visit family, Farai Rukunda, president and founder of Living Beyond Hope, and Norman Thomas toured the community, including the planned secondary school, sparking positive activities that led to the establishment of Living Beyond Hope, a registered 501c-3 non-profit organization. The accomplishments detailed below wouldn’t have been possible without your support, partnership, and generosity, which contributed to our success stories over the past 9 years. As we approach 2024, we are grateful for your continued support.

Arnoldine Secondary School, which commenced in 2013 with 8 students and 5 teachers, has grown significantly, now hosting over 250 students, with more to enroll in the future. On July 6th, 2023, the school celebrated its 10-year anniversary. Here are our top 10 achievements, made possible by your commitment:

1. 2014, Stevensville United Methodist Church collaborated with Farai Rukunda to enhance the church building at Arnoldine Mission, marking the beginning of numerous subsequent projects.

2. 2015, a clean water system was installed at Arnoldine Secondary School, a crucial development ensuring the health of students and staff.

3. 2016, thousands of textbooks were purchased, along with furniture for classrooms, improving the learning environment for students.

4. 2017, Living Beyond Hope obtained 501c-3 nonprofit status, since then the organization started receiving donations directly, that positively impacted the Arnoldine community. We are thankful to Stevensville United Methodist Church which worked as a conduit between donors and Living Beyond Hope in receiving donations prior to our 501c-3 award in 2017.

5. 2018, construction began on a new classroom block, officially opening in April 2019, equipped with two classrooms and a small office.

6. 2019, Living Beyond Hope partnered with students from Browns and EP Clark Elementary schools, raising $1,200 for new furniture for the Arnoldine Early Childhood Center.

7. In 2020, Living Beyond Hope Zimbabwe’s board members held their first annual meeting at Arnoldine Secondary School, gaining insights into the challenges and needs of the school.

8. 2021, a second classroom block, mirroring the first, was completed.

9. 2022, Living Beyond Hope Scholarship recipients were accepted into Bindura State and Midland State University, preparing for their third and final year in 2024.

10. 2023, Living Beyond Hope is set to complete a teacher’s housing project initiated in 2018, but has been delayed by COVID-19, with an expected opening date in January 2024.

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