Aaron Shepherd Farai Rashama.

Aaron Rashama worked in the banking industry for 24 years, managing accounts for Embassies, Non-Governmental Organizations, Churches, and high net-worth professionals before his retirement. Aaron has experience dealing with a variety of International Donor Agencies, and has worked with hospitals funded by Foreign Organizations with a focus of helping to reduce infant mortality rates.

Aaron is very passionate about improving the lives of disadvantaged children who have been exposed to the hardships of life at a tender age, including children who have lost parent(s) due to natural causes, HIV, and divorce. These situations have left him both sympathetic and inspired, and with a vision to see these children grow in a normal environment, and become successful and cherished by everyone.

As a board member with Living Beyond Hope, Aaron’s knowledge of the financial environment in Zimbabwe is vital to ensuring the mission of Living Beyond Hope is implemented with integrity.